As a Practitioner, there are many ways to prescribe Adipromin to your Patients.

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Lifespan Has Partnered with TAKE CHARGE!

We've created an Industry-first lifestyle + product Turnkey system  . . . . . available to all practitioners



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Supporting Your patient's weightloss goals just got a WHOLE lot easier!


TAKE CHARGE is not a diet, but a lifestyle modification program that empowers your Patients to live a healthier life.


As a Practitioner, you will meet regularly with your clientele for nutrition lessons, body measurements, and progress tracking. 100% pre-created (but customizable) for you and 100% billable - Lifespan Health Science continues to innovate by finding unique and scientifically-backed ways of supporting your patient's weight loss goals . . . . and your practice.

take charge is a clinical service that pays

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