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Adipromin Take Charge
adipromin take charge

One-to-One Coaching

Unlike other programs that offer group meetings or generic information, TAKE CHARGE positions the Practitioner as the go-to professional for our nation's obesity epidemic. TAKE CHARGE meets all published guidelines for obesity mitigation and intervention.


adipromin take charge

obesity screening with Lifestyle IQ

TAKE CHARGE Lifestyle IQ is an easy-to-use, touch-screen body composition analyzer that uses bioelectrical impedance and actual measurements to calculate fat, muscle, and water levels based on NIH (National Institute for Health) recommended formulas.

adipromin take charge

Health & lifestyle education

TAKE CHARGE Patient Education combines traditional printed materials with digital media, including our TAKE CHARGE Lifestyle App with over 50 inspiring yet educational videos.

Over 26 weeks, patients learn about proper nutrition and adequate activity, helping them build their personal foundation for an active and healthy lifestyle.

adipromin take charge

track progress at weekly consultations

TAKE CHARGE consultations provide an opportunity for patients to weigh-in and report progress. As a TAKE CHARGE provider, you'll enjoy inspiring patient adherence with consistent recognition, continued guidance and ongoing motivation.


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functional foods & Adipromin provide support during lifestyle transition

TAKE CHARGE motivates patients with quick results using Functional Foods. Functional Foods are meal replacement shakes that provide the nutrients patients need to feel increased energy and stamina even as they are decreasing their caloric consumption.


reimbursable revenue streams

TAKE CHARGE is comprehensive program designed to fit easily into your existing Practice and further enhance your status as a health care professional. As a TAKE CHARGE provider, you'll serve as an educator, motivator, monitor, and coach as patients learn proper nutrition and how to implement healthy lifestyle strategies.

Order Adipromin from TAKE CHARGE 




Adipromin take charge


TAKE CHARGE is a complete lifestyle modification system that empowers your Practice to provide obesity screening, patient education, biometric analysis, and lifestyle counseling.

  • Recover revenue lost to DIR, GER, PBM, and below-cost reimbursements through paid services customers value.
  • Boost your status as a Provider in today's healthcare industry.
  • Make a difference in your bottom line with a ready-to-go-system - bringing the best value to the lives of your customers.

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